måndag 20 juni 2011

International visitors welcome!

I have noticed that I have vistiors from Australia, UK and US, you are very welcome.

This project is an Suzuki T250J that I bought in boxes and as you can see I own an all orginal T250J as well. Since I was 16 years old  (1974) I have liked the caferacer style, I started with an Honda CB125 with clip-on, rearsets, 2-1 exhaust etc. At 18 years I bought an Suzuki T500 with Dunstall-kit, expansionchambers.

Right now I am free from work for 4 weeks and relax at my summerplace in the country near the lake Vänern, the time in my workshop is down for the moment, but will continue in middel of july.

I will have the bike painted as soon I fixed brackets for tank/seat/pipes, I will try to write some lines in english so you can understand what I am doing.

Have a nice summer (or winter i Australia?)

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